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As these are larger pins, they are prone to more small defects or flaws.

A grades will be the best ones, but even the best ones may have minor imperfection

B grade pins may have more flaws, but still do not damage the overall appearance of the pin. There may be a little more flecks in glitter or a tiny scuff! I have graded these much harsher, so I think these are still beautiful pins, and most people will have a hard time finding the issues, but as always keep in mind these are all handmade!

C Grade have more flaws than B grades, but still great if you do not mind more flaws. No facial flaws, but may have some more minor pricks or scuffs / color error.

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★ 5 " Tall

★ Gold Plated Hard Enamel

★ Rubber Clutch  x1-2 each

★ Individually Packaged with Card

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