Introducing my first gacha collection! These go live Saturday 3/23 @ 12 PM PT! 


Bright and Shiny Dyed Soft Enamel Pins featuring lots of pokebabies! These are super cute and look like marshmallow / candy, but please do not eat! Each one is 1.15-1.5" tall.

These will be available in

1 PC - $14 

3 PC  - $39

10 PC -  $120

full 16 PC main set -  $214  [ limit 1 ]

Discount codes are allowed on these as well :D!

These are blind bags so everything will be random ^^! Please keep in mind that these painted dyed enamel pins are more subject to minor flaws as they are painted. These are sold as mixed grade. There is a limit of 15  for the 1 PC pack, limit of 5 for the 3 PC pack, and limit of 2 for the 10 PC pack.

If you do not want to press your luck, there will also be a limited amount of full sets of the main 16 designs [ the ones in full color in the promo image] available.


These have all been prepacked, so there are no requests.

The Mystery Rares are ONLY available in the gacha bags [ the 1 pc, 3 pc, and 10 pc packs].

COMMON: 57.4%

RARE: 29.7%


COMMON PINS: Goomy,Jigglypuff, Flygon,Shinx,Horsea, Chikoria,Gengar, Rowlet, Oddish are at 150 PC 

RARE PINS: Psyduck, Pikachu, Ditto, Dragonite, Zorua, Tyranitar, Lapras are at 100 PC  

Mystery Rares are 50-75 PC each 




Also if you order 3 Pc or more of the pokemallows, you will get [1] random freebie sticker!

If you order 6 pc or more, you will get both psyduck and oddish stickers :D!




As a community event, there will be a new channel posted to the mamobot discord : poke trading post!

You will be able to ISO/TRADE your pokemallows gachas there!

This will be launched on saturday so stay tuned on discord for more info ^^ : https://discord.gg/mamobot